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welcome to 11 news saturday morning. >> our top stories in just a moment. first we'll look outside with john collins. how are you, john in >> good morning. just fine. >> let me ask you this, john. i'm sure you are fine. i just got an e-mail from robert lang upstairs. his wife made orange crumb cake. so i know you spotted that. you didn't bring us any? >> i didn't bring any down, no. >> but you knew about it, didn't you? >> yes, i did. >> he knew about it. >> all right. >> i haven't sampled it yet. >> that's okay. but you knew about it. >> rob invited me to come back up. >> i know. thank you, julie, and rob. >> she makes some wonderful stuff, too. we get spoiled.
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listen. radar got a little activity on it. northeast corner of the state. cecil county. couple spotty sprinkles or a little shower. bit of thunder in new jersey, ocean city had a little thunderstorm earlier today. we do have a lot of clouds. little gray out there right now. west of us, coming into garrett county and in western pennsylvania. some decaying thunderstorms. they were a lot stronger just an hour ago. it's all running out ahead of a very strong cold front that will bring us some strong storms later today. i'll detail all that coming up in your weather plus forecast. our big story this morning. remembering art modell, the original owner of the baltimore ravens who passed away thursday. >> this week the morning will hold a silent public tribute. that's where our 11 news reporter joins us live with more. good morning. >> good morning, rob. welsh starting at 11:00 this
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morning, fans will have an opportunity to say good-bye to the man who brought football back to baltimore. some fans have already started to show up here at m&t bank stadium. we're joined by john. john came out from aberdeen. john, why did you decide to come out and pay your respects this morning? >> well, mr. modell did a lot for this city. and without it, sheldon, okay, we wouldn't have -- without him, we wouldn't have pro football in the town of baltimore. he was just magnificent man. as far as maryland is considered or anywhere el. he should be in the pro football hall of fame. you can look at what the modelles did here with the m&t stadium and the facility that's around it. it's absolutely just wonderful. >> that's why you wanted to come out? >> exactly. i wanted to pay my respects there to mr. modell and his family. god bless them. i'm saying prayers for them.
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>> all right, john. thank you very much for that. we do appreciate that. some background information about the viewing that's gonna take place at m&t bank stadium. art modell's casket will be placed on the field here along with the lombardi trophy that modell held up after the ravens won the 2001 super bowl. the public viewing will take place between 11:00 this morning and 1:00 this afternoon. attendees will receive a card saluting mr. modell. you can park for free in lots b and c. once you arrive you can enter through gate a. the tribute starts at 11:00 this morning, goes toil 1:00 this afternoon. as a salute to mr. modell fans are suggested and urged to wear purple. coming up in the next half hour i'll have more on how the ravens will salute art modell during monday night football. >> thank you, sheldon, very much. course, the ravens will be playing this monday night. it's time to get the old grill
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out, stock up on the plastic cups and get those footballs and frisbees out. tailgating is ready to make its regular season debut. >> but while the ravens season opener waits in the wings, bird land is a flutter with the pennant race going on at camden yards. >> well, take a look around. everywhere you look there's orange, there's purple. baltimore is on fire for this weekend. so it's exciting. that pretty much sums it up for baltimore this weekend. >> i am definitely in overload. i'm loving it. whoo! >> from the yard to the bank. for the first time in 15 years, baltimore sports fans have two teams to care about in september. >> this is the best time to be a baltimore sports fan. baltimore is the best baseball's ever been in my lifetime. it's all i can think about. work? what's that? i don't know. >> ravens have ruled baltimore as purple friday has become a
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tradition on the friday before a game. but with the orioles pushing for the playoff, city hall was lit up orange and so was the legg mason building. who are you more excited about, the orioles or ravens? >> it's a tossup. i have been starved for orioles success. we finally got some. >> this is great. what, 10, 15 years since we've done this well since cal left. it's great. finally, we're in first place. >> orange and purple may not be the most fashionable color combo, but don't tell that to fans, or even adam jones. check out his colorful kicks. would you rather have a ravens super bowl or world seerys? >> let's take both. >> my grand baby is due on the last night of the world series so i hope i get a grandson and a world series all in one day. how about that? >> and this weekend marks the beginning of what should be a very fun fall in the charm city. at camden yards, wbal, tv 11
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news. >> brendan ayamadejo is responding to a letter from emmett burns about his support of the same sex marriage law reads in part, many of my constituents and your football supporters are appalled that a member of the ravens football team would step into this controversial design and try to sway public opinion one way or the other. the football player has been outspoken and friday he answered burns on twitter saying, football is jut my job. it's not who i am. i am an american before anything. just like every american, i have a right to speak. if you'd like to read whabt the around the league editor on the nfl's website had to say on the subject, you'll find the link on wbal click on as seen on. the baltimore city police department gathered to honor an officer who died while on duty. funeral services for 44-year-old officer forest taylor were held at that time cathedral of mary our queen yesterday. officer taylor was in route to a call when his cruiser collided
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with another vehicle back in february. he died last week from his injuries. >> he's a testament and example of really what it takes to have a dedicated long career. 17 years doing all those difficult assignments. he is the example of commitment. >> officer taylor was laid to rest in his home town of annapolis. he leaves behind a wife and two children. harry shackle the co-founder of h&s bakery has passed away. called a pillar of the community, he and his father-in-law opened h&s bakery in 1943. the h stands for harry, the s for steve. bread was made by hand and delivered personally. today h&s bakery has grown into one of the largest bakeries on the east coast and is still family owned and separated. hollywood comes to maryland.
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you might get a chance to be part of a new show that's being shot in harper county. we'll have details on the casting call coming up. the highest number of school bus violators. what's the school doing to crack down on them? that's next. pretty strong cold front is on the way. pretty strong storms have developed out of that front. we'll be watching it very carefully. here's your weather plus
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven.
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>> we had some clouds, little mist in town. east of us there's been rain. parts of harper and cecil county. it's spotty stuff. sprinkles and light showers. there are some thunderstorms in
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new jersey. those storms in new jersey were down in the lower eastern shore early this morning around ocean city and up along the delaware beaches. but that stuff's all moving to the northeast. then you go to the left side. you see some showers coming into garrett county. that's what's left of some pretty strong thunderstorms that occurred yesterday and overnight moving towards pittsburgh. that line is breaking up. all running out ahead of a pretty strong cold front, which may give us some grief this afternoon and evening. the front itself will. what's betheined front is not gonna give us grief at all. sun is breaking through at ocean city after they had rain early this morning. temperatures upper 70s there. i don't see many people on the beach now. it's a real pretty morning. real pretty morning out there. let's look at our local station. we're still dealing with some clouds. sun is trying to break through. 75 degrees at the airport. dewpoint way high. 72. then lot of moisture in the air. humidity. 90%. south southwest wind at three. barometer dropped to 29.75.
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and downtown at the science center, temperatures up to 79 again. high dewpoint and high relative humidity values as well. 75 right now in easton. i mentioned upper 70s on the board walk. 79 there. 79 chestertown and elkon. frederick 73. still in the 60s in western maryland. more clouds out there. there are a lot of clouds around the bay right now, although it's trying to break up. some sunshine between haguers town and frostburg, all right. sun today is gonna heat the atmosphere up. lot of moisture. then this cold front out west which is moving in. there's quite a bit of rain ahead of the front. strongest of the storms have eased up. so, as this front comes in, the atmosphere heats up. it's just a combination waiting for some strong storms. that's what our forecast potential is for the day today. scattered showers and thunderstorms. some possibly severe. otherwise, a mix of clouds and sun, all right? more of the sun early.
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more of the clouds late. 83 to 88. and the humidity will be high today. we're still in this tropical air mass. southwest winds about 10 to 20 miles an hour. tonight become northwesterly after the front goes through. potential for severe weather. moderate risk from parts of new england, upstate new york, eastern pennsylvania, new jersey, right down into northeast maryland. then the gray areas, which is the larger area, there's at least a slight risk for severe storms. small craft advisories will be out on the bay into sunday. today, south winds up to 25 knots. three-foot chop on the open waters of the bay. and thunderstorms could produce stronger winds than that. our future cast shows the storms moving in by 6 this evening. maybe some strong thunderstorms. moving out of the picture, after 6:00. by midnight, we should start to clear up. the yankees game, there is a risk for some storms early on in the game with some thunder.
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by the end of the game things probably will start straightening out. here's the forecast. 86 today but only 80 sunday. on sunday, a lot less humidity. all the rain chances are today. once we get past this evening, dry, right into this week. next week 70s for high. really nice. >> thank you. stay organized and on budget this school year. up next, how to create your own customized school calendar. and stealing never pays. that's one lesson one man earned. >> you can e-mail your questions to pet questions at wbal 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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a mared survey reveals more than 4500 motorists speed past stopped school buses on a single day. the findings stem from eyewitness accounts of bus drivers across the state nearing a one day run. montgomery county had 1143 followed by montgomery county. they are committed to cracking down on the trend. >> it represents our continued commitment to the safety of children as they get to school and come home from school. we want drivers to know that we will be watching, that they are not going to know where we will be watching but we will be following buses and we will be enforcing violations that we observe. >> offenders face a $570 fine and three point penalty on their license. also in this morning's education alert. u.s. education secretary duncan
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has awarded the blue ribbon of excellence to ten maryland schools in recognition of their dramatic improvement. six elementary schools received the honor. ring factory in hartford county. whitehall in prince georges county and pocomo. more parochial schools received a special distinction. baltimore county notre dame prep, saint augustine in howard county, andrew white in saint mary's and saint peters in montgomery county. lisa? the women's industrial exchange is back. this time with back to school for parents and kids. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you. this is a treasure in mount vernon. today you're doing classes. >> yes, we are. >> we're doing classes on how to make a book cover. you can take a paper bag.
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>> that's what mom used to do back in the day. >> the class goes on from 11 to 3 today. the book covers. we added on some wax paper where you can write on this with dry erase. >> you're gonna show how to wrap this paper. then you write on it with a dry erase. you're suggesting, school calendar right under here. september. you put your days and week. put math class. you can write on this. with a dry erase marker. >> and it will wipe right off. now you have something that's multipurpose. recyclable. after you finish, you can put the handle back on the bag with a stapler. >> and carry it. >> carry your book. that is cute. watch. you can also do this. >> yeah, wax paper. >> exactly.
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now your homework assignments. you can communicate with the teacher. >> no long notes or anything like that. >> kelly? >> all my subjects are made out of refurbished books. can you see that? >> this is a reader's digest. >> hollow it out. >> you just glued together the pages. >> this one isn't even spray painted. with the gold, that was it. >> show us what you did with this one. >> just with brackets, they go up ton wall. it looks really cool. >> how did you come up with that? >> i have a lot of books. >> then you made a book mark? these are book marks right here? >> made book marks. it's just -- just take, what, any kind of page? >> any kind of page.
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half of a paper crane. these guys are -- it's a purse made from sweet valley high. i'm still working on these. working on the size of it. >> that's so cute. who knew? >> so everything here is at our store. we're a consignment shop. all our items are in here. she has her own website. her website is called book chick at if you come down, you can all watch her demonstration on how to make a book mark for back to school as well. once again the book shells are one of my favorite. to take a book, make ate shelf. you can put anything on your book. everything in our store is hand made. this is a dynamite idea. organization and school go hand in hand. your pencil in here, your pens. we have everything from wallets made out of milk cartons. >> keep moving away.
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>> we're all about recycling, repurposing. book cards. >> that's a milk car snon. >> a milk carton. our business card holder. >> sock monkeys. new pajamas. so the class today? >> from 11 to 3. we'll show you how to make the book covers for back to school. you'll also be able to do the book mark. kelly rhodes is located at chick at 333 north charles street. >> all right, great. happy to see you. you'll be back next month with another consignment of the month. >> going down to mount vernon to have a great day. >> thanks for coming in. >> don't go away. we answer your pet questions when we come back. first here's a look at some events going on around town this weekend.
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welcome back. joining us now to answer your pet questions every day, dr. kim hammond. a special guest. this is polo. and polo is a mix, a schnoodle, a snickers, a something. we don't know exactly what. >> poodle mixed with something are very popular now. >> this is a good one. >> they're good mixes. they seem to be really nice dogs. >> really strong and healthy. mixing a dog is good. you get a lot of good genes from
8:27 am
mixing a dog. real sweetheart. >> couple questions here. is it normal for a neutered male cat to try to mate with a neutered female cat? and, how do i stop the behavior if i'm adding that you can stop the behavior. >> let's talk about normal. let's talk about normal. it's weird. weird. but it is normal. and in the animal population, you know, animals do things for different reasons, but their scent, their smell. even though you neuter an animal they still have a residual amount of hormones and chemicals inside their bodies. they can't get pregnant but they can be attracted sexually. it's normal. >> the lingers effect. doesn't hurt anything? >> right. doesn't hurt anything. little sense of that. >> funny. just not ha, ha funny. >> here's, the next two questions are kind of the same. my 10-month-old great dain's right eye has developed a red patch of skin.
8:28 am
i think it's cherry eye. is there anything that can be done with this? are they talking on the eyeball itself? >> they call it a cherry eye. if you look at the eyeball. see if you can get polo here. to look at polo's eyeball. in the center of the eyeball, there will be a big red sort of almost a cherry, a little piece of skin. what that is is a gland that's gotten inflamed. in the olden days, we used to surgically cut those out. we don't do that. we sew them back in and they're fine. if he understands how to do that proper surgery, that's how you treat it. it happens. >> gland in the eyeball itself? >> a little gland in the eyeball. >> i see. a similar question. my cocker spaniel has a red eye. looks like it's trying to close up. what could be the problem? he du haven't the cherry eye popout like he has in the past. >> all right. very baisically that's probably
8:29 am
a scratched cornia. go see your vet noirian. when you have eye problems, see your veterinarian. >> kim, thanks for joining us. we're out of time. stick around. more coming up. live at m&t bank stadium where fans have already started to appear to the lineup to pay their respects to art modell. details straight ahead.
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welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. thanks for being with us. >> let's take a look outside with john. how are things shaping up? >> few sprinkles east of us, eastern shore of cecil and harper county. some of that's still there. it's more sprinkles than anything else. stronger storms are affecting new jersey. if you look west into pennsylvania, there are some lingering showers. so there's a line of pretty good squall line this morning around 5 or 67:00. that's really diminished in intensity here recently. it's all connected with a cold front, which is just coming into western ohio now. and that front may give us fits this afternoon and this evening. but it will eventually bring some very nice weather to the area. we'll talk about it in just a minute. a big story this morning.
8:32 am
remembering art modell. the original owner of the baltimore ravens who passed away thursday. the ravens and the modell family will hold a silent public tribute at m&t bank stadium. that's where our 11 news reporter joins us live with more. sheldon? >> good morning, rob and lisa. fans have already started to line up. this public viewing doesn't start until 9:00 this morning. fans have shown up wearing their ravens gear. this is a testament to how much art modell has had an impact on the history. his casket will be on display here along with the lombardi trophy that he held up when the ravens won the super bowl. the public viewing will be taking place 11:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. if you do plan to come out to this morning's public viewing to pay your respects, you can park for free. once you arrive, you can enter the stadium through gate a.
8:33 am
as i mentioned earlier, a few fans have started to show up. >> i thought there would be a big crowd here this time of the morning. i guess they'll come in later, you know? i had to come down to show my support for mr. modell and his family. i'm very sad with what's happened. like i say, look what mr. modell has brought to baltimore. >> now, as a salute to modell fans are urged to wear purple to today's public viewing. there will also be other tributes to art modell. there will be a moment of silence at some point in the game. the helmets will have decalls on the back salutes mr. modell. wbal, channel 11 news.
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>> a 17-year-old has had lots of support from family and friends along the way. last night the gun powder lodge held a special happy hour at its restaurant and bar, a benefit fund-raiser for the student. those who attended enjoyed everything from pit beef and draft beer, to music and raffles. those who put together, people who put this together two of the students say when you put it together, said she just had to do something. >> really, this is all about daniel. all about daniel. an innocent young m that is an innocent victim of all of that. >> if you didn't make it to gun powder lodge but would still like to make a donation, call the lodge. contributions will be sent to the family. 8:34 and 75 degrees on tv hill. you can rub elbows with academy award winning actors.
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the new series shooting in town. where you can go to be part of it all. how do you know if you're anemic? answers to those questions next coming up. weather wise, there have been some big storms out west. they'll probably recharge today as they come into our area. we'll talk about the forecast. 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart.
8:36 am
pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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>> while the sun is trying to burn through low clouds, we'll probably see a mix of sun and clouds before stuff starts to get interesting. right now on the radar, the strongest storm activity is in new jersey, but right now there's not a lightning coming out of it. out to the west in garrett
8:38 am
county, there are a few showers. that's all related to some stronger storms which were occurring earlier this morning. i'm gonna give you three hours of radar. you can see the movement of the storms east of us, moving from the lower eastern shore across delaware, up into new jersey. and that stuff out wet coming into pennsylvania and garrett county. but, again t stuff out west has been weakening this morning. but, running ahead of a cold front, so some new stuff will be generated this afternoon. could get interesting. let's take a look at the current conditions first at ocean city. skies have cleared. they had rain earlier this morning. you can see rain sitting on the roof there. wave action. not too bad. there is a hurricane off shore or a tropical storm. it's causing some problems along parts of the eastern seaboard. beach looks quiet. temperature on the board walk at 77 degrees. all right. now here in town, skies beginning to clear a little bit. 75 at the airport.
8:39 am
dew point way up there, 72. humidity 89%. so still a lot of that tropical moisture in the atmosphere. south winds at eight. barometer falling. downtown, the temperature's 79. lot of clouds. but they're breaking up. dew point 72. it's still high. humidity high as well. temperatures, annapolis 78, 72 parkton, 73 westminster and frederick still in the 60s far western maryland. satellite picture shows some low clouds over us. low clouds don't show up very welsh at least on this particular satellite image. but there is some sunshine breaking through west of hagerstown. so, that sun is gonna help keep the atmosphere destablize it. and then, a further destablization is this front which is out in ohio. it's moving east. had some good storms in front of us yesterday. they're weakening a little bit today but they'll recharge with that heating of the sun during the afternoon. so it could be interesting because there's a dramatic
8:40 am
difference in the weather in front of the front, east of the front and west of the front. much dryer and cooler west. so that contrast is gonna help trigger some storm activity. jet stream is involved and everything else. clouds and sun today. we're starting to get sun in the mix. storms possibly, 83 to 88, southwest winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. highest risk of severe weather. from the northeast corner of maryland. new york state into western new england. the orange shaded areas, the larger areas, there's a slight risk for severe weather. future cast shows this line of storms coming in. by 6:00, should be 6, 6:30 or so. west of the bay. moving across the area. after 8, 9, everything moves out of the picture and things start to quiet down and cool down and become less humid. so today, transition day. 86 the high.
8:41 am
humidity drops a lot. sunday looks pretty good. we'll see scattered clouds. it will be breezy. 80 the high. monday, low 56, 78 for the high, nice dry weather all next week. highs mostly in the 70s. lows in the 50s. how delightful. this morning's women doctor, anemia affects some 400 million women world wide. so how do you know you're anemic and when do you get checked out? dr. christine laugherman said there are multiple causes but three major reasons why someone would be anemic. >> they're not making enough red blood cells or they're losing their red blood cell orses or they make enough but they don't live long enough. they're destroying them or they have some kind of low length of life span. >> the treatment could be as
8:42 am
simple as iron supplements. you need to talk to your doctor to figure out the proper course of action. thank you so much. >> good morning. >> what's the significance, really, of anemia? >> it's a sign or a symptom of an underlying disease usually. in young females, pregnancy. but there's also some generic disorders that could lead to total destruction of blood cells. there's, as you get older, fibroids. hypothyroid. and then as we get older, into the 40s, 50s and 60s, anemia does have a role of hidden cancer. something like colon cancer. that's why everybody should get colooscopies. >> that's why it usually presents. >> it presents as fatigue, weakness. that's the way hypothyroidism
8:43 am
also presents. so, therefore, it's a very important thing to look at it. if you feel those symptoms, check out for anemia. then when you find anemia, you have to look for the cause of anemia. not just taking iron pills, which is one of the treatments. >> here's the thing that i think many people come up against. they say, not just women, but how do i know i'm just fatigued from just running around with the kids and everything i have to do? they just expect that that's what's gonna happen. >> very simple answer. see your doctor. be evaluated for the anemia. >> i guess what i'm saying, they'll ignore it and chock it up to just being, i'm just a busy working mother. >> well, that is a significant danger that people assume that that's why they're tired and fatigued. the way to do it, if you're very active and exercise and you don't have this problem. then you start getting tired and
8:44 am
fatigued and cold intolerance sometimes which is hypothyroidism, too. these are things to be checked out. it's very important not to avoid it. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> if you have question ors would like a referral, call -- still ahead, an award winning pie recipe from the winner of the pillsbury pie baking championship at this year's state fair.
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8:46 am
welcome back. net flix is looking for a few good extras to play washington citizens and military roles for its upcoming political series house of cards. they will be casting calls today from 1 to 6 p.m. at the bel air armory. the series stars kevin spacesy and robin wright and has been filming in baltimore. the show deals with politics and
8:47 am
is set the in washington. those trying out for a role are asked to bring a current head shot and photograph. to be -- >> you could play a capitol hill staffer. come on. >> i could do that. >> you're a washington type. get over this. by the way, if you don't have a head shot, you can bring just a snap shot. >> have you ever done a movie? >> no, i have not. i'm not an actress. i'm a critic. i review things. >> i have a small thing about half a second in homicide. that was it. >> you weren't bitten by the bug, i guess? >> i was in college. oh, yeah. it was great. i used to minor in the stuff. >> we're on the air right now. >> i'm sorry. hey, max. how you doing? >> it's easy to talk about movies. talk about everything. >> there's on one movie to review this week. it's best. the movie is called "the words."
8:48 am
it stars bradley cooper. i love the premise for this film. i wish it were a better film. the premise is bradley cooper is an aspiring writer and can't seem to get that great. no agent will take his manuscript. the family has been very patient with him, thinking one day he's gonna make it. the patience is beginning to run out. he's beginning to feel like a failure. then he finds in the folds of an old brief case a manuscript. world war ii era manuscript. he reads it. it's everything he's not. it's great. through a series of events, he passes the manuscript off as his own and becomes a lil rare sensation. then the real writer played by jeremy irons plays him a visit. love that premise, right? but, certain things have to work to make this film work. they all kind of go.
8:49 am
you have to believe what is great about writers that the writing is great. anybody who is great, if it's a movie about a standup comedian, they have to do it. they have to convincingly athletic. they just don't believe that bradley cooper is a good writer. don't believe the manuscript he found is this sort of hemming wayesque master piece that's yet to be. and there's a third player who place another character who is narrating the whole thing. supposed to be a great writer. he's not. bradley cooper is miscast. he plays sort of the hipster guy, the cool guy, the shallow young man, not the sensitive artist type. wanted to love it. didn't. two stars for "the words." oh well. >> it is a great premise though. >> i love the premise. i want a do over. >> okay. you should. >> you and i can star in it. we figured the whole thing out here. >> it would be as good as those
8:50 am
guys. i'm just kidding. stay with us. john has another look at your
8:51 am
8:52 am
well, there was some serious high drama thursday night at camden yards when the orioles took game one of a four game set to draw eve within the yankees in the american game east. they will be all by their lonesome in the east with 24 games to go in the regular season. baltimore fans buzzing around town. what could they do for an encore. 30,000 plus turned out for baseball for game two of the
8:53 am
series this is a two run shot in the fifth to put new york up 7-zip. baltimore hits the comeback trail. enter adam jones. into the baltimore ninth. a three-run bomb. we have a ball game. orioles now down 7-3. baltimore getting it 7-4. it was 8-4 when nate mcleod here dropped nick swisher. takes away a home run from the yankees outfielder. the orioles would not go quiet. down the left field line. a solo shot to make it 8-5 new york. but the come back would die there. rafael soriano closing it out for new york. he ends the ball game. while the ravens kick off the 2012 campaign in less than 72 hour, "monday night football" under the lights. such as any game it's a big one. an intradivision matchup against a playoff team for a year ago, the cincinnati bengals. the ravens have been consistent
8:54 am
winners in the john harbaugh era but some believe the offense will be a high powered one where smith and rice and flacco, all in the prime of their career and the hurry up offense being implemented. some believe the offense has to be better, a lot better. baltimore's offense is looking to set the tone early. that's a look at sports. joining us now in the 11 news kitchen, brian claybeck who won first place at this year's maryland state fair's pillsbury pie making contest. good morning. did you get a sense of the papers that you wanted? >> an award ribbon as well and engraved server. >> very good. how did you come up with this? >> basically, my wife, as you know, she was here last week. she's a great cook. she helped me come up with something. it was a last minute. we weren't going to enter anything. we saw what we liked and said, let's try to make something happen. >> show thus pie. >> first, very important, pillsbury pie crust. >> makes any pie easy.
8:55 am
>> take a pie plate. roll it out. you can get as fancy as you want. if you want to do whatever you feel like doing. make sure it's intact. keep everything. okay. then you take some butter, stick of butter, melt it for about 50 seconds. >> microwave kings and queens. >> microwave is easy and convenient. most people have one. take about a cup of honey. mix it in with the butter. home made honey. my wife has about eight hives. we have ten gallons in the kitchen. we said, let's do something with it. take your salt. take some vanilla. three eggs. mix it together well. here's where it gets really crazy. >> they're like farm eggs. >> everything else. oats. macadamian nuts.
8:56 am
cereal bars. gra knoll la bars. white chocolate chips. >> i would never think of this combination for pie. >> the way it is. i like cereal bars. and we try to do something with it. we tried in the past something with honey and bars and never really came out. so we said let's try something new. hopefully, it will work. >> okay. mix it up. >> then you don't -- there's no top crust. >> no, no top crust. pour it in. you have the oven preheated at 350 degrees. when it's all done. >> that's it. >> stake it in the oven. >> finished product. >> that's what we have. >> okay, rob and john are gonna come over here and try it. so, did you -- when you were watching the judges try out -- what other pies were there? >> there was a lot of apple pies. other small tort type pies. my wife actually had another,
8:57 am
she had custard in an interesting pie. >> what do you think they like about this? it was so different? >> well, i know they like honey. there was a lot of home made ingredients. s the something different. we hadn't tried it ahead of time. >> that's taking a chance. all right. >> john, while he's eating that -- >> yeah. >> scattered. here's weather nice now. warm and humid. thunderstorms could be strong this afternoon and this evening. so the ball game may be affected, at least the beginning of it. by the end, we'll probably straighten things out. then the rest of the forecast for sunday, monday, tuesday. >> all right. taster. does it taste like a breakfast bar? pecan pie? >> no. tastes different. >> it's that honey in it. >> do you want some, john? >> thanks for watching,
8:58 am
everybody. 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
8:59 am
so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.

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